Located in the most beautiful and peaceful valley of the Voer Region. The idyllic landscapes make of your promenades through the Voer Region a unique fairytale, with panoramas, hollow roads, castles, ancient field crucifixes, chapels, etc.

De Molenhoeve offers you comfort, peace, space and tranquility that make you enjoy the surrounding area, the El Dorado for every nature lover and hiker.


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A unique location
The holiday residence “de Molenhoeve” has slowly become a concept in Flanders.Due to its unique location, in the middle of an exquisite park landscape in the nature reserve ‘Altenbroek’, it offers you beautiful sceneries of lakes, forests, prairies, breathtaking views and a varied nature.

Zone of silence
This is one of the few recognized zones of silence in Flanders and moreover it is a cross-border zone.

The border of the Netherlands is just 0.6 miles away and within a radius of 15.5 miles you can find Maastricht, Valkenburg, Aachen, Tongeren and Eupen.

It is the ideal holiday residence for everyone who enjoys silence, tranquility and nature. Its location is so unique that every house has a beautiful view over the forests and the valley. While the parents enjoy themselves by playing pétanque or simply enjoy tranquility on the terrace, the children can safely play in the prairie especially organized for sports and amusement. You can go hiking, you might go cycling, cooking, or simply … enjoy the most beautiful spot of the Voer Region.

ADVICE: Bring a powerful torch with you so that you can spot the European Badger at night right from your terrace. Don’t forget good hiking shoes or boots, because the roads can be very slippery after a rainfall.

Since 2008 the Voer Region is crossed by a long network of hiking roads of 77 miles. This network contains junctions, which allow the hiker to outline in advance his own route and its distance.

The Voer Region is just fascinating



The name of the region comes from the Voer, a small river, which gave its name to three of the six villages. The beautiful views from the 560 feet tops are typical. This deeply cut land relief with its calcareous subsoil and its densely wooded flanks forms the ideal soil for the luxuriant flora of the Voer Region.

The Dutch Heuvelland, the land of Herve and the valley of the Meuse (terraces) join together on a few square miles and form the ever changing scenery of the six picturesque villages from the Voer Region: Moelingen, ‘s-Gravenvoeren, Sint-Martens-Voeren, Sint-Pieters-Voeren, Teuven and Remersdaal.

Actually, the Voer Region is one huge open air museum, one big natural monument formed by the paternoster of chapels and ancient field crucifixes, castles and their domains, dominant farms, old churches with even older towers and timber-framed houses built out of flint.


Due to security and hygienic reasons no domestic pets will be allowed on the domain of De Molenhove.